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My Auction Planet: Ecommerce for the Small Business in a large ecommerce world

Making the ecommerce world easier for the small business is becoming more difficult with all the choices in the industry. Many companies are creating venues for the small business owner with models that charge pay per click fees, flat rate fees or final value sales fees that are just not realistic for the small business owner who wants to do business online. Large companies are seeing the small business sellers as more of a money making opportunity than the ability to create profits from the merits of their product. The cost for doing business online continues to grow with only the companies that can pay the large seller fees surviving. has been running an ecommerce platform for small businesses for nearly two years. The site offers a limited time no cost solution for small business owners to share their inventory in a way that is impossible for many new to the ecommerce arena.

The first benefit is that small business owners who place their inventory on will have their products feed to hundreds of shopping websites. Some of the top shopping engines in the Internet are included:

· Google Product Search

· TheFind

· Oodle

· Bing Shopping

· Vast

· ShopWiki

· Yakaz

· And many more

Another benefit is choice when purchasing or selling. One solution does not fit all ecommerce situations. Many ecommerce companies want sellers to use their payment systems or platforms exclusively. Shoppers want to feel secure when making a purchase of the Internet without being forced into one option. Shoppers want choices when purchasing products with payment systems already known and trusted. offers shopping checkout solutions from:

· PayPal

· Google Checkout

· Amazon Payments

· NoChex

· MoneyBookers

· WorldPay

· And many more

Combine this concept with the right balance of marketing power of the venue/website to create a means to sustain a business online.